Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reminder: Protest against the Australian Uranium Conference tomorrow at 8am

THIS WED 21st July 8-9AM. 


Brave the cold to warm your heart with this inspired group of people for a nuclear free sustainable future!!

What: Protest against the Australian Uranium Conference

When: This Wednesday 21st July from 8am- 9am

Where: Outside the Esplanade Hotel, corner of Marine Parade and Essex St, Fremantle (~10 minutes walk from Freo Station)

Why? In response to the aggressive push from the nuclear industry and State Government to develop uranium mining in WA which has occurred without a transparent public debate and without the support of communities that will bear the brunt of this toxic industry. 
WA is in the spotlight with over 137 uranium mining companies with uranium interests in WA, and many uranium deposits. There is still no operating commercial uranium mine in the State and there never has been, now’s the time to turn this around and keep WA Nuclear Free!!!

SPEAKERS INCLUDE Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlum, Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettit, AMWU State Secretary Steve Mc Cartney with entertainment by the Raging Grannies and Ziggy Switkowski!!!!!!

The Australian Uranium Conference is a meeting that brings together industry, government and investors to plan and facilitate the exploitation of Australian uranium. It’s time to stand up and say NO to uranium mining in WA, let’s keep WA nuclear free. Uranium mining in Australia is a bad investment for many many reasons; just a few of these include:
• Uranium is radioactive and the mining of it leaves behind highly radioactive tailings which stay in our environment for hundreds of thousands of years- a management nightmare!
• Uranium mining is a thirsty business, the Olympic Dam Uranium mine alone uses 35 million liters of water every day! This is an unsustainable and irresponsible use of our water.
* Despite popular belief there are communities of people that live all through Australia’s vast outback, these communities are significant and have rights to clean water, clean air and the the right to say NO to uranium mining in their backyard.
* The end result of uranium mining is weapons grade material and radioactive waste.
* There is still no National Radiation Dose Register for uranium mine workers, despite a promise from Mines Minister Martin Ferguson in September 2008 to have one established by the end of 2009! since which time there have been two leaks at Ranger Uranium mine and polonium scare at Olympic Dam Uranium mine