Friday, July 30, 2010

Red, Green and Black - the real alternatives 12 Aug 2010

Fremantle City Councillor and community activist Sam Wainwright is inviting all those seeking a real alternative in the coming election to meet and speak with progessive candidates.

Chair: Sam Wainwright

Sanna Andrew, Socialist Alliance candidate, Fremantle
Kate Davis, Greens candidate, Fremantle
Marianne Mackay, First Nations Political Party senate candidate

“The two big parties are competing to see which one can move most to the right while climate change is ignored & refugees are treated like dirt. Everyone can see that deep changes are needed & we have to work together. This meeting will profile the progressive candidates standing in the coming election with a view to building up the mutual support and united efforts of all those campaigning for a better world.”

Thurs August 12, 6-8pm
La Tropicana Cafe, 177 High St Fremantle
For further information contact Sam Wainwright on 0412 751 508 or

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