Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Refugees, single parents, education cuts, equal marriage: protest Gillard in Fremantle

Julia Gillard is coming to town as a special guest for an upcoming Labor Party fundraiser. Please join us in protesting outside on the night.

Numerous activist groups will be participating in protesting Gillard and her increasingly rightwing agenda.

Her list of crimes include:

  • Cutting payments to single parents
  • Locking up refugees
  • Cutting billions from higher education
  • The continued denial of equal marriage rights

If you support any of these issues please come along and join the protest on the night!

6pm Wed 12 June

John Curtin College of the Arts
90 Ellen Street, Fremantle

Links to the event pages of specific issues are below:
JULIA, WE NEED TO TALK! - Single Parents Action Group
Free the refugees, protest Gillard - Rran Wa
The PM in Perth: Stand Up Against Cuts - NUS West
Equal Marriage Rights Now!- Protest Gillard - Equal Love WA

[P.S. The regular Wednesday night Perth Socialist Alliance meeting will be relocated to the Fremantle Activist Centre - 5 / 195 High St, Fremantle - after the Gillard protest finishes.]