Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brazilian Awakening: Australian solidarity with #ChangeBrazil

Hundreds of people turned out in Perth on June 23 to support the mass protests in Brazil.

"It is not about 20 cents" read some of the placards and comments made on the day. This refers to the fact that the protests in Brazil began with a demand to stop a 20 cent increase in bus fares. Today it has become about much more - a desire for fundamental change in Brazil.

An end to corruption was one of the common demands put forward at the Perth 'manifestation' alongside the demand for increased funding and decent quality education, transport and housing.

"We are not against the World Cup" one organiser told me, "but we want to change Brazil. And if you have to stop the World Cup [to make a change], we will."

"Away [from Brazil] but Aware" was one of the messages on placards.