Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Solidarity Protest: Drop the Charges

Resist the attacks on democratic rights from CHOGM

The CHOGM Special Powers Legislation took to new extremes the attacks on democratic rights contained in the recent spate of one-off police powers legislation for "special events". Even though CHOGM is now gone, the attacks on civil liberties haven't gone away. The three cases below are all examples of trivial and/or laughable "offences" related to CHOGM that are still being pursued by authorities. In every single case, the charges should be dropped.

Please join the solidarity protest on Tuesday 22 November to show your support for democratic rights.

* Sean Gransch – arbitrarily put on the CHOGM "excluded list", then arrested for going to work in a CHOGM security area (Sean was employed as a professional rigger by CHOGM (!) to assemble and disassemble the stage for a CHOGM event.)
* Lewis Todman & Alex Salmon – arrested, held over night and phones seized for putting up posters
* Alex Bainbridge – prosecuted by City of Perth for displaying a Chogm Protest sign in the lead-up to the Chogm Protest

9am, Tues 22 November
Perth Magistrates Court, (501 Hay St, Perth)

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