Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perth Council in sign fine fight

The latest issue (19-11-11) of the Perth Voice has a front page report about the threat by Perth City Council to prosecute Socialist Alliance member Alex Bainbridge for displaying a sign in the lead up to the Chogm Protest.

The article also takes up the cases of Sean Gransch (a Forest Rescue activist and professional rigger who was placed on the CHOGM exclusion list and then subsequently arrested for going to work) and Lewis Todman & Alex Salmon (who have been arrested, held overnight in jail and then had their phones seized for allegedly putting up posters).

All three cases were taken up at a solidarity action outside court on 22 November 2011 when Gransch had the opportunity to make his "not guilty" plea. Gransch will return to court for trial on 24 January 2012 unless the prosecution sees sense and dismisses the charges before then.

Photos from the November 22 action