Friday, September 23, 2011

Fremantle herald reports on students campaigning to get serco off murdoch campus

The Fremantle Herald has reported on the camping at Murdoch university to get Serco off campus. Serco has recently signed a lease agreement to have offices on campus. Most likely it is part of their privatisation of Fiona Stanley hospital, which is next to Murdoch university.

The Fremantle Herald reported:

"Zeb Parkes from the left-wing Resistance group can't believe the university has allowed a company that "[makes] money out of destroying people's lives" to have a presence on campus"

"Fremantle councillor Sam Wainwright - A high profile member of the Socialist Alliance - noted serco's engagement to manage Fiona Stanley coincided with the Barnett's governments decision to axe social service funding by 300 million this year

"Consequently the privatisation of ancillary services at Fiona Stanley hospital is just the first sage of the state governments plans to cut cut costs and wiggle out of it's obligations to provide vital community services" he said.

"it's a massive exercise in cost shifting as they try to shift these services across to local governments, charities and families."
The full article can be read on page 16 of the Fremantle Herald here

On thursday the 22nd of September the Resistance club on campus hosted a forum on the crimes of Serco.

About 15 people turned up. Even with the Murdoch management having posters adverting the forum and protesting against serco ripped down within a couple of hours of them going up.

Colin Penter from serco watch gave a detailed talk many reasons why we need to fight against serco privatising public services, especially those which are for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Sam Wainwright from Socialist Alliance talked about the dangers of privatising public services and how this is another step in the assault on the working class.

Students at Murdoch University will continue the campaign to get serco off campus.