Thursday, June 24, 2010

Selected environmental features at the Socialist Ideas Conference

Cuba’s achievements in social justice and sustainability
12:30pm Saturday 26 June
Annolies Truman, Socialist Alliance
Find out what it was that made the WWF declare in 2006 that Cuba is the only country in the world practising “sustainable development”.

Capitalism versus “mother earth”
4pm Sunday 27 June
Gemma Weedall, Cochabamba climate conference participant
Del Weston, political economy activist and researcher
Jess Moore, Resistance National Coordinator
Bolivia’s indigenous president Evo Morales responded to Copenhagen’s failure by organising the “World People’s Conference on Climate and the Rights of Mother Earth” in Cochabamba. This contrasted to Copenhagen by taking the climate crisis seriously. Morales says we have to choose between “capitalism” or “mother earth”. This session will discuss the implications.

The Socialist Ideas Conference runs from Sat 26-Sun 27 June at the State School Teachers Union function room.