Friday, June 25, 2010

Gillard equals more of the same - we need real change

Julia Gillard's ousting of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is nothing more than a blatant attempt to re-brand the Labor Party in the face of poor polling results in the lead up to the election, according to Socialist Alliance candidate for Perth Alex Bainbridge.

"Kevin Rudd was elected under the banner of 'change' and 'new leadership' but didn't deliver anything like the progressive changes that we need. Gillard has now become prime minister precisely because people are still hungering for real change and genuine progressive leadership."

If you want to discuss the implications of this new development in Australian politics, come along and have your say at the Socialist Ideas Conference this weekend. The conference starts Saturday 9:30am at the State School Teachers Union Function Rooms (150 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth).

These sessions will be of particular interest:

Feminism under a female prime minister 
2:15pm Sat 26 June
(by Sanna Andrew on Equal Pay, Justine Kamprad on women and workers' rights and Vicki Thomas on the campaign for homebirth rights)

Australian politics in Rudd's Gillard's Australia
 4:15pm Sat 26 June
* Alison Xamon (Greens parliamentarian)
* Alex Bainbridge (Socialist Alliance candidate for Perth)
* Phil Chilton (Refugee Rights Action Network member)
* John O'Donnell (Communication Workers Union organiser)