Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ampilatwatja Walkoff - film and discussion - Tues 2 March

The Aboriginal struggle continues

Public meeting with:
Tim Gooden (Geelong Trades Hall secretary and participant in the building of the "protest house") (via video link)

Adele Carles (Greens member for Fremantle - talking about the impact of Stop and Search laws on Aboriginal people)

Marianne Mackay (Deaths in Custody Watch Committee)

Natasha Moore (Aboriginal Rights Coalition)

The Alyawarr people staged a walk-off in the Northern Territory in July last year, returning to their homeland to protest the NT intervention.

The Rudd Labor government has done diddly squat to 'close the gap'; instead continues the racist policies of the Coalition, but veiled by reconciliation rhetoric. That Ampilatwatja community have begun a campaign of resistance in response.

Blacks and whites alike need to continue the struggle. Come along to discuss.

Tues 2 March
6.30pm. La Tropicana Cafe, 177 High St, Fremantle

Sponsored by Fremantle Socialist Alliance. Ph Mark 0458 649 230, Sanna 0417 852 628.