Saturday, February 20, 2016

Defend civil liberties - reject Barnett's anti-protest law: Rally 12noon Tues 23 Feb

 12 noon, Tues 23 Feb
 Parliament House
Harvest Terrace West Perth

*Speakers List*
Mark McGowan MP (Labor Leader)
Lynn MacLaren Greens MLC WA
Kate Davis (Lawyer)
Robert Eggington (Nyoongar leader)
Father Chris Bedding (Anglican Church + Love Makes A Way)
Danny Cain (Maritime Union)
Welcome to Country by Uncle Ben Taylor.

The Barnett Government is trying to push through legislation to curtail our right to protest. They want to make it an offence to carry a "thing" with the 'presumed' intention of impeding lawful activity.

This incredibly vague wording has horrible implications for anybody fighting for what's right in Western Australia.
Read it here

As the United Nations wrote this week:
“The Bill would grant police disproportionate and unnecessary powers to restrict lawful protests. ... It discourages legitimate protest activity and instead, prioritizes business and government resource interests over the democratic rights of individuals.
The statement also warns that “The Bill will have the chilling effect of silencing dissenters and punishing expression protected by international human rights law."

The Bill was introduced in February 2015, passed in the Upper House on Thursday 18 February 2016 without going to commitee, and is now set to be debated in the Lower House. Labor WA and Greens members of parliament oppose this Bill, and Labor have said they will repeal the Bill if they form government in 2017.

Come to Parliament House on Tuesday, February 23 at 12pm and make sure your concerns are heard by our political representatives and the media.
It's our democratic RIGHT to protest.
We will stand firmly against any attack on our civil rights.
Lets show them what democracy looks like.
Bring your THING.

[Information from this Facebook event.]