Monday, July 21, 2014

Largest Palestine solidarity rally in Perth in years

6-800 people in Perth joined the international solidarity movement with Gaza by marching for a second time on July 19. This was the largest Palestine solidarity rally in Perth in many years.

Speakers included Huda Minhaj who said: "You do not have to be Palestinian to stand for this cause, you only have to be human!

"What kind of world is it when our leaders do not know that killing women and children is wrong?"

Other speakers included Friends of Palestine convenor Nick Everett, Socialist Alliance councillor Sam Wainwright and FOPWA member Ayman Qaider. Wainwright called for support for the international boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign - including at Fremantle council - although he said that preparation work needs to be done before this could become a reality.

This Green Left TV video by Zeb Parkes (above) captures the flavour of the rally.

As well as many members of the Arab communities in Perth, the rally was supported by Sri Lankan Tamils, Irish republicans, the Construction Union (CFMEU) and Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative.