Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bust the budget! Protest the finance minister

Protest outside the Aviary in Murray St Mall where the Liberal finance minister will be hosting a $250-a-head lunch to boast about the budget to the top end of town:

Friday 20 June

11:30am, "The Aviary"
(Murray Street Mall, outside Underground station)

The proposed changes in the budget are a blow to higher education, they include funding cuts, increases to HECS and de-regulation of university fees.

In addition, this horror budget will attack pensioners, the unemployed, the poor, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, workers and many others, while the Liberal Party’s mates in big business get a tax cut.

While students and most ordinary people can't afford a private luncheon with the Minister, we can make our voices heard in Murray st Mall outside the Aviary. Join us with banners and placards to say no to a US-style system and demand money for health and education not warfare and corporations!