Saturday, November 9, 2013

March with Freo Road to Rail in Fremantle Parade

March with Fremantle Road to Rail campaign in the Fremantle Parade, Sunday November 10.

The campaign to force a shift in WA state freight transport policy is coming to a head. A decision will soon be made about building a truck freeway through Fremantle to the Port.

That would be the kiss of death to the option of getting freight onto rail and would create a massive carbon polluting truck sewer through the suburb. It would also link to the proposed Roe 8 extension through the Beeliar Wetland.

So, join the Fremantle Road to Rail contingent in the Fremantle Parade. It will be preceded by the Save Beeliar Wetlands contingent and will be supported by the MUA and the Fremantle Environmental Resource Network (FERN).

Gather at the Round House end of High Street, Fremantle at 3:00 pm (the march begins at 4:00 pm). Be sure to wear a hat, carry water and orange is the colour to signify support for Road to Rail.

For more information call 9433 6946.