Monday, March 4, 2013

Support the striking workers at Recall Documents

[Information below supplied by Community Solidarity in support of the National Union of Workers strike at Recall Documents.]

Dear Supporter of Workers Rights,

Workers at Recall Documents have been on strike for over a week. Their Enterprise Agreement has expired and they are seeking a union agreement (National Union of Workers) and a 4% pay rise. The employer is refusing both and instead offering a 3% p.a. pay rise. These workers have a democratic right to a union negotiated agreement which is what the overwhelming majority of them have indicated they want.

They need your support, financial and moral, no matter how great or small. In particular they need supporters to attend the community protest between 5am and 10am this Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 449 Victoria Rd Malaga.

Please pass this request around your networks. For more information contact Owen on 0414 072 968 or visit the National Union of Workers site.

Sam Wainwright for
Community Solidarity