Thursday, February 28, 2013

Occupy Cottesloe - Colin Barnett has got to go

[Information below supplied by Occupy Perth.]

Saturday 2nd March from 4pm,
Cottesloe Beach Foreshore,
Marine Parade, Cottesloe, Western Australia

Song and Dance and a call to action to avert another 4 years of corporate Government failing the people and environment of W.A.

Occupy Cottesloe will see a diverse range of community groups and individuals speaking out on key failures of the Barnett Government to deliver the services and protection demanded by people inWA.

Cottesloe beach will ring to the chants of “Colin Barnett has got to go”!

Speakers will include Linley Lutton of the City Gatekeepers, Greens senator Scott Ludlam, Jess Beckerling of the WA Forrest Alliance, Max Hipkins, independent candidate for the seat of Nedlands, Dawn Jecks from Hands Off Point Peron, Indigenous activist Marianne Mackay and many others. Interspersed with the speakers will be musicians and other entertainment.

A common concern of gathered groups is the erosion, the corruption of our democracy by big money and corporate interests.

People have had enough of the exploitation and destruction of our precious environment, the state’s housing and homelessness crisis, a fragile two-speed economy, rising wealth inequality , among other problems.

Occupy Perth has organized this event to highlight the many critical issues that are not being addressed by the two major parties.

Colin Barnett’s Liberals want the media to focus on shopping hours and a pretty foreshore so we aren’t embarrassed when his high flying mates come to visit the West.

We demand that access to healthcare and housing take precedent over access to 24/7 shopping, and miners’ access to sacred ground.

We have chosen to target Colin Barnett as the premier and the man responsible for overseeing a government which has absolutely failed to meet the peoples expectations on a wide variety of issues.

As such we are bringing this event to Cottesloe to encourage locals to use their vote to send Barnett and others in parliament a message - West Australian citizens will not be taken for granted by our politicians, we can and will remove you from your seat if you do so.

The event will be covered extensively online, and we look forward to facilitating your coverage with access to speakers, video and pictures.

Following is a full list of speakers;

Alex Jones - Save Our Trees
Alex Whisson - Perth Indymedia
Amber Maxwell - Equal Love
Ben Taylor - Welcome to Country
Chris Jenkins - Facilitate People's Mic
Claire McKinnon - No Fracking Way
Dawn Jecks – Hands Off Point Peron
Janet Grogan - Say No to GMO / Monsato
Jess Beckerling - WA Forrest Alliance
Kamala Emannuel - Free Speech WA
Katie Batty - Animal Rights Advocates
Linda Rogers - Save Our Subiaco
Linley Lutton - Waterfront Development
Marianne Mackay – Indigenous Activist
Max Hipkins - Independent Candidate Seat of Nedlands
Mia Pepper - Ban Uranium Mining Permanently (BUMP)
Sarah Ross - RRAN
Senator Scott Ludlam - Greens
Tony Costa – former mayor of Subiaco
Vasu Barnao - CREW - Gnangara Mound
Zoe Bush - Feminist Action Network


Dennis Simmons - Indigenous singer songwriter
Eva Harper - Singer/song writer
Jeff Hewitt - Comedian
Jupiter Zeus - Psychedelic Space Rock
h2wo - the CREW band
Maar Koodjal - Indigenous dance group
Selekt Few - Hip Hop Duo

Media contacts;

Karun Cowper – 0423972949
Victoria Martin - 0410589064
Facebook event page -