Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perth solidarity with striking Coles workers

Around 25 people gathered at Belmont Coles on July 18 to show support for the striking Coles warehouse workers at Somerton in Victoria.

The dispute began after Coles outsourced its warehouse operation to Toll who tried to force the same workers doing the same job to work for inferior conditions. The striking workers have continued to stand up for their rights!

The July 18 action in Perth involved members from several unions and members of Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative. We handed out information leaflets about the dispute and copies of the Socialist Alliance statement. In addition, we asked people to sign the pledge not to shop at Coles until the dispute is resolved in the workers' favour.

Solidarity has also been shown in Sydney, Footscray, Somerton, Broadway and heaps of other places!

Get in touch with Socialist Alliance if you want to be involved in further solidarity actions in Perth. (0413 976 638)

You can make donations via the National Union of Workers (NUW). See the NUW site for further information.