Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No gas fracking in the Perth basin

Protest Hydraulic Fracturing
Protest Unconventional Gas

Demand a moratorium on unconventional gas extraction until it is proven safe for human health and the environment.

Environment and Water minister Bill Marmion has given the go-ahead to "fracking" in the Perth Basin without EPA assessment or oversight.

Extraction of unconventional gases like shale, tight gas and coal seam gas has lead to many environmental problems. Drinking water has become contaminated with chemicals, farmland ruined and high amounts of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Rally 1pm Sat 21 April

Murray Street Mall, Perth
(outside the Underground Train Station)

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Organised by No Fracking WAy

Rally details:

Unconventional gas boom: More risks, fewer jobs

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Video from Green Left Weekly.