Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jail Rupert Murdoch, Free Julian Assange

Make sure you pick up a copy of this week's Green Left Weekly with fantastic coverage of the crisis facing the Murdoch empire and also analysis of Gillard's carbon price.

This cover article titled "Jail Murdoch not Assange" in particular has attracted a lot of attention. WikiLeaks has tweeted it to its 1 million followers and readers of the article have contributed to a significant spike in Green Left online readership this week.

This issue also includes Mark Steel's hilarious take on the topic and another interesting article by Tony Iltis. It also includes the article on ASIO and the "WikiLeaks amendment".

On the carbon tax, the current issue includes: Gillard's carbon price: not a serious response, Carbon Price - what's in it for renewables, Offsets: the hot air in Gillard's climate plan, and A carbon price reality check.

There's heaps more of interest as well so check it out. Of course you can read it all for free on the web but it is important to pick up the paper version whenever you can to ensure that this valuable resource keeps on coming out. You can also subscribe or make a direct donation to keep the green, left wheels turning.