Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the wall of silence in occupied Western Sahara

The Australia Western Sahara Association

Behind the wall of silence in occupied Western Sahara

Aicha Dahane

International Officer, Forum for the Future of Saharawi Women & human rights activist

Thursday 19 May 6:30pm

Reception Room, Fremantle Town Hall
Enter via stairs and patio at rear of Town Hall

Africa’s last colony For 36 years the people of Western Sahara have been striving for self-determination. Morocco invaded the country in 1975 after Spain withdrew. It continues to block the decolonisation process, obstructing the UN referendum. Aicha Dahane’s tour will raise awareness of this struggle and build support for self-determination for the Saharawi people.

Aicha Dahane grew up in Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation. In 2002, following harassment by police during her law studies in Rabat, she sought asylum in the UK. She is in daily contact with her family in El Aaiun and is International Officer for the Forum for the Future for Saharawi Women. She is the sister of human rights defender, Brahim Dahane.

The WA connection The wealth of Western Sahara is spread across our farmlands. Wesfarmers subsidiary CSBP Fertilisers at Kwinana imports phosphate mined in Western Sahara by the Moroccan state company OCP. This trade is unethical and supports a violent military occupation. The resources of Western Sahara do not belong to the Moroccan government. No country in the world recognises its claim to Western Sahara. The trade must stop now.

Aicha Dahane has been invited by the Australia Western Sahara Association, assisted by: Union Aid Abroad (Apheda), Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Australian Services Union, Communication Electrical & Plumbing Union, Australian Workers Union, State School Teachers Union WA, CPSU-Civil Service Association, Melissa Parke MHRFremantle City Council & Senator Scott Ludlam.

WA contact: Michele 0419 942 045 or Sam 0412 751 508