Friday, August 20, 2010

Vote Socialist, Greens & ESJAP, put Abbott last

Ben Peterson, Socialist Alliance candidate for the senate, today called on people to vote for the Socialist Alliance, Greens and ESJAP candidates.

"There is a lot at stake in this election for young people, for instance climate change," said Peterson. "We've had floods in Pakistan, fires in Russia and we've just had the hottest 12 month period every on record."

"We need the strongest policies possible and I would encourage people to check the VoteClimate website [] to see how the parties rate."

"It is not only climate change, there is also the race to the right on refugees, the war in Afghanistan and ongoing attacks on workers' rights and government services," said Peterson.

"It is worth checking out the new Vote-o-matic website [] to see how your views align with different party policies."

"For Socialist Alliance, it is the number 1 vote that matters most. If you vote Socialist Alliance 1, then give preferences to Greens and other progressives and then to Labor before Liberal, you're maximising the chances of electing a progressive candidate and helping to keep the Coalition out of government."

"Most importantly, you're putting pressure on the major parties which will be helpful in the campaigns to come."

"The sad reality is that, regardless of whether Labor or Liberal win, when we wake up on Sunday, Australia will have a prime minister who is dangling on the strings of the coal corporations and and other bosses."

"When you vote for Socialist Alliance, that vote is linked to a plan for ongoing struggle against whichever capitalist party manages to get over the line."

Socialist Alliance how-to-vote recommendations are below.




All throughout WA you can vote for Socialist Alliance in the senate. In lower house seats where we're not running, we are calling for a vote for the Greens or the candidates of the Ecological, Social Justice, Aboriginal Party (Dot Henry in Hasluck or Geoffrey Stokes in O'Connor). It is important to preference all progressive candidates before Labor and for Labor to go before Liberal.