Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fremantle Election Rally 9 May 2009

Fremantle Election Rally
Planet & People Before Profits!

* 100% renewables by 2020 * Abolish all anti-worker laws * Stop Black deaths in custody * Stop and reverse privatisation *F Nationalise the mining industry * Ban sackings by profitable companies

Speakers include:
Sam Wainwright
(Socialist Alliance for Fremantle)
Adele Carles (Greens candidate for Fremantle)
Paul Burlinson (Australian Services Union)

Sat 9 May
12 noon, Kings Square (near Freo Town Hall)

There are three mobilisations that are part of the Fremantle election campaign. We'd like to invite you to come from anywhere in Perth to show support:
1. March with Socialist Alliance at May Day
2. Come to the Fremantle Election speakout - Sat 9 May, 12 noon, Kings Square
3. Help on polling day

Other ways you can help the campaign include:
* Make a donation (will you join the $100 club to help fund our campaign)
* Help with letter boxing

Phone Alex 0413 976 638 or Sam 0412 751 508 if you want any help in any way of if you would like more info.