Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protest GSL 14 May 2009 - Justice for Mr Ward

Dear Friends

You are invited to particpate in a Community Picket outside the Western Australian Office of Global Solutions (GSL).

The Deaths in Custody Watch Committee of Western Austalia Inc. and the Justice for Mr Ward Community Campaign strongly urge you to demonstrate your outrage at the death of Mr. Ward , demand that the two GSLOfficers responsible for transporting Mr. Ward be immediately stood down from operational duties and your disgust at GSL's continued disregard for Human Rights in Australia.

WHEN: WHERE: 140 Abernethy Road, Belmont, West Australian Court Security & Custodial Services (GSL Office)

The 14 May 2009 marks the day on which the Coronial Inquest into the death of Mr Ward is scheduled to end. It is the view of the Commuity Campaign that while the resposnibility for the death of Mr. Ward must lay with the State of Western Australia, we want to bring to the public's attention the appauling human rights record of GSL in Australia and send a strong message to the State of Western Australia that they should terminate their 'partnership' with this company.

Please find attached flyers publicising the Community Picket and a summary of the reported circumstances surrounding Mr. Ward's death and GSL's contract with the State of Western Australia. Please circulate to your networks, print copies of the flyer and distribute as widely as as you can.

Make your voices heard on 14 th May!!!


Marc Newhouse


LINK: A5 flyer (PDF)
LINK: 2xA5 flyer on A4 (PDF)
LINK: The story so far (PDF)