Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Burning Crises of Our Time

Perth Resistance and Socialist Alliance jointly organised a very successful forum on February 21 on the topic of "The burning crises of our times: What to do about global warming and the capitalist economic crisis".

32 people attended the forum including a number of people who had joined Resistance on university "O-weeks" in the previous week and a half.

The meeting began with two presentations, the first by Julia Stafford (right) from Resistance on "Resisting the meltdown" which explained the link between an irrational capitalist system and the global warming and economic crises we face. Sam Wainwright (below) from Socialist Alliance, recently returned from the founding conference of the New Anti-capitalist Party in France explained the postive breakthrough that that formation represented and how it points the way towards the sorts of solutions we need in Australia.

Resistance joined over 60 new members at Perth orientation weeks on Murdoch, Curtin, ECU and UWA campuses. A number of the new members met at the end of the forum to discuss plans for building Resistance on campus. Resistance is now confident about taking steps forward in the immediate future.

While the numbers involved are still modest, they were noticeably larger than other left groups in Perth that seem to have abandoned any perspective of seeking practical measures to unite the actually existing socialist movement. The Socialist Alliance remains committed to working towards greater left unity and a stronger socialist movement.

Resistance will be holding meetings on Curtin, UWA & Murdoch over the next two weeks. Phone 9218 9608 for more info about getting involved in Resistance or Socialist Alliance. Also, there will be an International Women's Day toast commemorating the revolutionary life of Rosa Luxemburg on March 8. Click here for more info.
The Burning Crises of our time
What to do about global warming and the capitalist economic crisis

A public forum by Resistance and Socialist Alliance
(all welcome)

Julia Stafford (Resistance) - Resisting the Meltdown
Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance) - France's New Anti-capitalist Party - an eyewitness report

2.30pm Sat 21 February
Resistance Centre
(15/5 Aberdeen St - just near McIver Station)

Ph 9218 9608

PDF leaflets for this forum can be found:
Download Black & White (PDF) leaflet here
Download Colour (PDF) leaflet here